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Jeannie Caro

Portrait photo of Jeannie Caro

St. Louis

3537 S Kingshighway Blvd
Saint Louis, MO 63139

Office: 314-353-0336
Email: Contact Me


Jeannie’s been a proud Saint Louisan her entire life & is lucky enough to have her entire family in this fantastic city with her. Formerly a high school Spanish teacher, she’s got the patience of a saint & can habla espanol with the best of them. Obviously she loves St. Louis but her favorite neighborhoods are Holly Hills, Lindenwood Park & Tower Grove South. Some things you need to know about Jeannie is that she’s a church-singing, ocean-swimming, salsa-dancing, world-traveler; & when she’s got her feet on the ground in St. Louis you might catch her at the St. Louis International Film Festival, cruising on her mint green bicycle, at a cool new restaurant with hubby Humberto or doting over her son Noel.

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Ask Jeannie Caro


Words cannot describe by itself how amazing Jeannie is. We were landlords that did not want to be landlords after 7.5 years of doing so. We were only in that position because we were under water on the mortgage for the past decade or more. With a decent housing market and money saved up we started out on what seemed to be an impossible task. We had never sold a house at all, had no idea what we needed to do. In steps Jeannie and it was like magic and our nightmare of being landlords was over in a short period of time. This was not an easy, quick sale, move-in ready property. It was a house that turned 100 years old this year and had taken on years of abuse from tenants. Jeannie met with us at the house and went over all the things we needed to do to get the house ready for photos and listing it. It took us a month to get it ready, new paint, a ton of repairs, etc. Jeannie came by to see it before pictures and told us it was ready and looked awesome. We listed the house, she hosted an open house the first weekend and by day 14 on the market we had competing offers at asking price. We accepted one of the offers and left on vacation. A few days later, Jeannie called me and told me the buyer got cold feet and was backing out. It seemed to be something that would ruin our vacation but within 8 hours, Jeannie had the 2nd offer under contract and moving forward. Shortly after that, we learned we had to repair the sewer lines as they had numerous cracks. Jeannie immediately got quotes from trusted contractors of hers and we were moving forward to get it fixed immediately. We weren't out of the woods yet, a few days before inspection, we found that a local storm had blown off parts of the roof. Jeannie coordinated with a contractor she frequently uses and I contacted our insurance. Within a week a new roof was installed. We also had additional predication repairs from the appraisal that Jeannie coordinated the repairs on. This was all done very quickly and smoothly with no jeopardy to the closing date. Even with the large repairs, we came in within our goal of what we needed to sell the house. As you can see, Real Estate Professional is just her work title. Jeannie is a miracle worker and an absolute expert in handling every situation that can come up. We will forever be grateful that we met and hired Jeannie, one of the best experiences we have ever had!

- Cory Cain

Jeannie Caro is an amazing agent. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. She is very well versed in St. Louis Real Estate and knows the market. She helped us beat out 29 other offers to buy the house we wanted! She is relentless, persistent, and dedicated. She is passionate about the work; she worked tirelessly to help us get exactly what we wanted. Of course she would be a great agent for any buyer or seller, but especially for new ones. She was able to explain the process clearly. We never felt uncomfortable. She patiently listens and answers all questions. Our dream of home-ownership has been realized because of Jeannie Caro.

- Tom Cook

Jeannie Caro is a superior realtor. I was impressed with her from our very first conversation, where she asked if we could meet for coffee to talk about my needs and her role and make sure we were a good fit for working together. Everyone knows that buying a home can be difficult and stressful. Jeannie's knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help me find the perfect home put me at ease time and time again throughout the process. And not only that, but she made it fun. She continually went out of her way to show me the properties I wanted to see, send me ideas, give her opinion based on years of experience and guide me to the perfect property. I am so grateful to Jeannie, and the entire Garcia team for the good they are doing in our community by helping people establish property, create homes, build families, and achieve their dreams. I could not recommend Jeannie Caro more highly, and I look forward to working with her for my real estate needs for years to come.

- Amy Kuntz


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